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Community Compassion Walk (CCWalk)

The Community Compassion Walk (CCWalk) is a grassroots effort to bring awareness about  community compassion practices, processes and ideas for making things better in each of our communities.

We are encouraging you to join our effort to share the Compassion, to become that Community Champion.  

Fostering Community Champions

The walk was successfully completed - we walked into the storm together and we found out so much on this journey and met many people in need but also promising efforts along our way. We met people from all races and various backgrounds that are experiencing the trauma that mental health and suicide bring into all our lives.  

The walk showed us the next practical steps we need take and let us share that finding.

Community compassion is what it is all about - it shows that if we care and reach out or allow others to reach in we can make a difference.  CCWalk continues with 3 steps 1. Compassion Card, 2. Compassion Pod, 3. Aboriginal Alert


Along our journey people asked for our contact information knowing full well that we can not personally deal with everyone but also realizing we can't let anyone down. The notion of the Compassion card was born. The compassion card has the buffalo logo on the front and a space for the individual to write the names and contact information of two people they can reach out to.   


We heard about organizations that awesome programs at one time but they ceased to exist when government funds were not available, we heard about the stressed resources that all first responders face, they have the heart to want to do more but time and resources are limited and sometimes this could make the difference for the individual in need. The notion of the compassion pod was born  


We heard about the murdered and missing and the lack of contact information for emergency services. We have created Aboriginal Alert to address these issues. We are effectively utilizing this technological society, we need to start talking and keep talking.


We have reclaimed our spirit and regained the strength to stand up and say; "Okay I'm here and we can do this" I have also learned that if you stand for something that is right, even if you stand alone - it is the right thing to do!


What is it all about?

Hearing from grassroots people, front line workers, first responders, and practitioners about best practices, processes, and ongoing ideas for community compassion.


Along our travels, we discovered grassroots approaches to connect with those in need, to assist where personnel resources are minimal and open up a new channel for communication. 


We confirmed the fact that the answer for each community comes from the community itself, the dialogue is important to share best practices and ideas. 


We are looking forward to sharing our findings with you!  



Offering open dialogue and presentations upon request about why CCWalk and the many challenges we face in the communities and what we can do about it, utilizing existing resources.

Community compassion is taking the responsibility - no one can do it for us

Our Meetups - Come Join Us

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Let's discover together the hidden gems in our communities.

We can share the tips/tools to enhance community camaraderie.

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