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The Journey Begins | Week One: May 12 - 18, 2019

Cultivating Hope: The Journey begins.

Filled with emotions and an awareness that I never realized, I knew that the person that took the first step, will not be the same person who made the last step. Knowing that the months of physical preparation would not compare to the emotional "training" that would happen.

My goal was to "Cultivate Hope," I didn't realize that it would be the participants on day one that would set the tone for what I would understand what "cultivating hope" would be. I knew it would be my support driver Clara and I on the start line, and I didn't realize I would have the physical support of my maternal Uncle and his two sons with their wives and children. What a great start, this sets the tone, and I knew at that moment #StartTalking, #KeepTalking #StartWalking, #Keepwalking would be at the forefront of my mind every day afterward.  

As we completed the first week, the emotions were high, and I knew I was going to make it. The support was made clear. The greatest lesson that I learned this week was, "When you think you can – you will!"

Each day, I found or received a gift on the highway, these gifts are highlighted under each day here. Continue reading to see more. This weeks gift was a child's smile: That no matter what the challenges are, if we look through life through a child's eyes, we will always have the answers we seek.

The Journey Begins | May 12, 2019 | Day 1

One foot in front of the other - As we approached the day and knowing the beginning of the Walk is nigh, the emotions that set this journey into motion began long before May 12, 2019. This day has personal meaning; my Grandmother, Monica McKinnon, had died on May 12, 1991. This day set me on a journey to honor my emotional pain and validate my grief. 


Gift: A broken watch - That no matter what conditions we are in, the girt of our time is precious.

Prince Rupert enroute to Terrace

Ben McKinnon 

Kiera McKinnon

Sandra McArthur

Vincent McKinnon Jr.

Alexander McKinnon

Clementine Thomas

Kylee Prince

Clara MacDonald

Taniel Prince

Zayden McKinnon

Benjamin McKinnon (Baby)

Burns Lake to 

Wet'suwet'en First Nation

Jacob Tom - 15 kms

Jennifer Tom - 18 kms

Delores Tom - Delores 12 kms

Desmond Tom - 4 kms

Joseph Tom - 4 kms

Abigail Tom - 7 kms

Julianna Tom - 5 kms


Shaunda Nechvatal - 5 kms

Leah Savanna - 3.25 kms

Ron Bartlet

Birgitte Bartlet

Step by Step | May 13, 2019 | Day 2

Gift: A Broken piece of glass - That when we look in the mirror, no matter how broken we are, the better will always shine through.

Prince Rupert to Terrace

Kiera McKinnon

Sandra McArthur

Alexander McKinnon

Clementine Thomas

Clara MacDonald

Zayden McKinnon


Emily Ellen Beadman Bike 5 kms

Tania M . Julian - 8.07 kms

Shaunda Nechvatal - 1.5 kms

Samantha Jane Moise - Bike 18 kms

Leah Savanna - 8.23 kms

Candice Erickson - 5.02 kms

Ron Bartlett

Birgitte Bartlett

Toni Carlton - 2.85 kms

Through Terrace and Beyond | May 14, 2019 | Day 3

Gift: A Feather - That no matter how alone we are, our ancestors will always be with us. We just have to look for the signs.