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Week Four: June 2 - June 8, 2019

As society tends to get caught up in the fast pace of life, we have forgotten how to live.

As merely existing humans trying to navigate a course that is lined, riddled, denouncing behavior, it is by such a miracle; we are still able to breathe.

By sheer determination and tenacity, this journey will have a finish line, and once that threshold is crossed, then the work will truly begin.

We know that as people, we have so much to offer one another. 

Offer a helping hand, not an assaulting one.

Offer a kind word, not a rough tongue.

Offer a gentle action, not an ignoring one.

We have lost so many loved ones to unnatural deaths; this causeway of no return has left many stranded with grief that is beyond despair. 

When we show compassion, genuine compassion, we can start to heal together. Offer a cup of tea or coffee to someone; it will go a long way. Kindness, the way our ancestors and our grandparents showed us by what they held in their hands and their hearts. As difficult as their road in life was, they never made an excuse not to help, they just did. 

June 4, 2019 | Day 24

Gift: Thunder Storm - We are all experiencing a storm; we can go through it together. #intothestormtogether


Sandra McArthur




June 3, 2019 | Day 23

Gift: A falling leaf - A leaf was blown and landed on my shoulder. The falling leaf showed me that no matter what causes us to fall if we trust - we will be caught.

Enroute to Hixon

Sandra McArthur




June 2, 2019 | Day 22

Gift: Relationships - We met by chance and circumstances, but we trusted enough to build a friendship